About Chesterfield Armament

Chesterfield Armament and Art, Ltd was started in the late 1990's as a diversification of our Class II firearms business, Chesterfield Armament. Both companies were founded by Chief Warrant 3 Walter L. Chandler, Jr. USAR. Today, his two sons, Richard and Eric Chandler carry on the businesses specializing in Military Art and Firearms Estate Liquidation. Our family has been buying, manufacturing, selling, trading and repairing firearms since 1963, specializing in military firearms.

If you have a collection, whether one item or a large collection, we can liquidate your items for you at a very reasonable cost. It has always been our motto to offer free evaluations of your firearms first and let you decide how you would like to proceed afterwards.

Verbal evaluations are free, professional written appraisals are $5.00 per item. Consignment rates are 20% of the sold price.



  • Class I Dealers License acquired 1968
  • Machine Gun Class 7 and Manufacturer License acquired 1980
  • Class II License from 1985 to 2011

Chesterfield Armament incorporated 1983

Estate Appraisals and Liquidation since 2000