Chesterfield Armament & Art offers investment grade firearms for sale to our valued customers. We use every available resource, whether it's social media or our vast list of clients we have acquired over the past 40 years, to find those special firearms that you have been wanting to complete your collection. We buy firearms constantly as well as consign. Contact us with your wish list or if you wish to liquidate your collection. Documented appraisals are $5 per firearm. If you would like to receive email updates of new items we acquire email us so we can make sure you receive the latest new acquisition list. We believe in letting our valued clients know first what new items we have acquired before listing those items on the Internet.

We are a Class III dealer so feel free to contact us on any Class III items you may have are currently looking for building out your collection. Class III transfers are $50 per item.

No firearms related items to be sold outside of the U.S.A. NO EXCEPTIONS