Springfield Armory Model 1873

Springfield Armory Model 1873

Brand: Springfield Armory
Product Code: SA1873
Price: $1,995.00

Springfield Armory Model 1873
Serial Number 71455

.45 / 70 / 405

This rifle was made in the second quarter of 1876.  There were 11,369 rifles made in 1876. 

This rifle is in NRA antique fine condition.  It appears that this rifle was reconditioned and received upgrades to the rear sight and tumbler. 

The rear sight has been upgraded to a Model 1879 sixth form.  This was the last variation of the M79 sight and was introduced in April of 1882.  It is installed with slotless screws.  The front sight and post are the early solid type with a blade sloping front and rear.  This style front sight was used up until serial number 92,000.

The lock plate is marked with the eagle motif forward of the hammer and forward of that is U.S. over SPRINGFIELD over 1873.  This style marking was used up to about serial number 80,000.  The lock work has been upgraded with a three-notch tumbler that was used on rifles after serial number 78,500 (first quarter of 1878).  The hammer is the second type that was used from about serial number 45,000 to 86,000.  It has the stamped oval checkering on the thumb spur and a small clip to the lower edge of the nose.

The receiver is the early narrow version with short and shallow gas ports.  This style receiver was phased out to the wider version between serial numbers 77,387 to 77,593.

The high arch breech block is marked U.S. over MODEL over 1873.  It has the high firing pin tunnel that was incorporated about serial number 35,000.  It has square shoulders that were used until serial number 96,400.  The firing pin is the second type with a return spring and was used between serial number 69,000 and 85,000 when the spring was eliminated.  The cam latch thumb piece is the second type that was utilized after serial number 67,000.  Head space is very tight.  The breech block closes firmly on a GO gauge.

The extractor is a first type with the short lug.  A taller lug was incorporated between serial number 77,430 and 78,107.

The left rear of the barrel is marked with the viewing proof, firing proof, eagle head and second firing proof in large characters that came into use between serial numbers 42,000 and 67,600.  The reference marks on the right side of the barrel and receiver are in perfect alignment.  There are two firing proof P’s on the bottom of the barrel.  The tenon has a flat shoulder that was used up to serial number 92,000 to 93,000.  The chamber, bore and crown are in new condition.

The trigger plate is a Model 1864 with squared pads for the trigger bow.  The trigger bow has a screw attached sling swivel with oval eyes.  The oval eye swivels were attached with a rivet on model 1864 rifles.  They were salvaged, threaded, and attached with a screw, up to about serial number 150,500.  The trigger is the early smooth style that was used up until March of 1883.

The stock has the short wrist and long comb.  The left wrist is marked with an ESA (Erskin S. Allin) cartouche in an oval without a date.  The final firing proof is marked rear of the trigger plate.  There is a J.C (James Carlile) inspectors mark between the firing proof and the trigger plate.  A minor short crack in the grain on the left side extends from the rear lock plate screw escutcheon upwards and forwards to the receiver.  The crack appears to have been stabilized with some kind of glue that is evident around the crack.  There are also a few minor nicks, dings and scratches.  This style of stock, with the short wrist and long comb, came into use at about serial number 70,000 – 72,000.

The cleaning rod is the Model 1873 second type with 6 cannelures and a uncupped tip.  The small end has 46 cannalures.  This style rod was used from about serial number 30,000 to 85,000.

Various markings

Back of lock plate       U, D

Main spring                 18 on base end an S on hook end

Trigger                                     L

Tumbler                       H

Rod stop                      PAT / AUG. 16 / 1870

Bottom of barrel          P, P

Bottom of receiver      1

Front sling swivel       PAT. MAR 31. 74