Springfield Armory Allin (Trapdoor) 1873 Cadet Rifle

Springfield Armory Allin (Trapdoor) 1873 Cadet Rifle

Brand: Springfield Armory
Product Code: SA1873Cadet19
Price: $1,495.00

Springfield Armory Allin (Trapdoor)

1873 Cadet Rifle

Ser. # 67234

.45 / 55 Gov’t.


After careful inspection I believe this rifle has been partially refinished, probably just the barrel.  The question is, was it rebuilt at Springfield Armory at some point in its history or was it refinished by someone other than Springfield.  It is correct in all respects and appears to be assembled from its original parts.  See note below about a finished scrape on the barrel.

This Cadet rifle was made in the second quarter of 1876 between April and June at the Springfield National Armory.  Serial number 67234 is marked across the top rear of the receiver. 

The lock plate is marked with the spread eagle motif and U.S. SPRINGFIELD over 1873.  The lock tumbler has two notches.  The plate and hammer show almost 100% oil case hardening colors.  The hammer has a fine stamped oval shaped knurl on the thumb spur and the small clipped lower face edge.

The breach block is marked with MODEL / 1873 / eagle head / crossed arrows / U.S.  It is a high arch configuration.  The block and latch retain 100% color on internal surfaces and has thinned too about 80% on exposed surfaces.

The receiver retains 100% color on internal surfaces and has thinned to about 80% on exposed surfaces.  The forward edge of the receiver is .130” above the barrel.  It has short and shallow gas ports.

The barrel has a V (viewing proof, .065" high), P (firing proof, .065" high), eagle head (.218" tall) and P (final firing proof, .065" high).  These are marked just forward of the receiver on the left side.  There are 2 P’s (burst proofs) stamped on the bottom of the barrel and show that the rifle was proofed twice.  One is 15/16” forward of the receiver and the second is 1 1/4” forward of the receiver.  The barrel / receiver index marks are in perfect alignment.  The barrel retains 90% blue with thinning for the first 2” at the muzzle due to use with a bayonet.  There is a scratch or scrape about 1” long 12” back from the muzzle on the upper right side.  When this damage was done it extended out and made a small nick in the right side of the stocks barrel channel.  This scratch is not white, or bare metal, but is the same finish as the rest of the barrel showing that the barrel was refinished after the scratch was made.

The stock has an excellent ESA (Erskine S. Allin) cartouche.  There is a stock fitters letter U 1/4” rear of the trigger plate and a large script P in a 7/16” dia. circle (firing proof) 1/2” rear of the plate.  There is a 1/8” tall number 19 stamped in the top of the wrist 7/8” rear of the breach screw tang an another 3/8” forward of the butt plate tang.   

The butt plate shows a mottled blue of about 70%.  It is marked US forward of the top screw.  It has the reinforcement across the lower screw hole on the back.  There are very few dents and scratches.  No chips or cracks.  The cleaning rod stop is marked PAT. AUG. 6 1870.  The rod head is round with a flat non-cupped tip with six cannelures.

The upper and lower barrel bands are marked with a small U and retain about 80% blue.  The stacking swivel is marked on the left leg with PAT.M and the right leg with 31,74.

The trigger plate, bow, and nose cap retain about 80% blue.  The trigger plate has the square pads of the M1864 style.  The trigger bow is the latter 1873 long leg version.  The straight leg is properly positioned to the rear. 

Rear sight base is marked 1 through 4 and the leaf is marked 5 through 11.  It is mounted with slotless screws. 


                                                Published                   This rifle

Overall length                         49”                              49”

Cleaning rod length                32 9/16”                      32 9/16”

Rod cannelures                        3 1/8”                          3 1/8”


Stock dims.                            

Length                                     45.75”                         45.87”

Width at butt                           1.50”                           1.547

Wrist circumference                5 3/8”                          5 3/8”

Comb length                           9”                                9”


Barrel dims.                           Published                   This rifle

Length                                     29.60”                         29.625”

Dia. at breach                          1.044”                         1.040”

Dia. at muzzle                         .730”                           .728”

Front sight length                    5/16” (.312)                 .348”

Sight stud from muzzle           1 1/4”                          1.243”

Blade height from C/L            .595”                           .595”

Receiver width                       1.076”                         1.067”

Trigger bow                            1” max. width             .995”

Head space      Go = .070   No Go = .075”     .075”