Springfield Armory Model 1869 Cadet

Springfield Armory Model 1869 Cadet

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Springfield Armory Model 1869 Cadet

Serial Number 1333

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There were 3,402 of these cadet rifles produced between July of 1869 and December of 1871.  Two in 1869, 310 in 1870 and 3,090 in 1871.  The serial numbers are sequential to this specific model, 1 thru 3,402.  Government records have been found referring to 20 additional cadets that were produced in 1876 using the shorter Model 1870 receiver and serial numbered to 3,422.  Some sources refer to the 3,402 as the type I and the last 20 as type II.  There are no type II’s known to exist.

This cadet rifle is correct in all respects.  It is in NRA excellent condition.  It was made between April and June of 1871. 

The breech block is marked 1870 / eagle head / crossed arrows / U.S.  The lock plate is marked 1863 rear of the hammer, eagle shield motif forward of the hammer and forward of that is U.S. / SPRINGFIELD. 

The serial number 1333 is marked on the left side of the barrel and receiver at their joining.  The bore is in nearly new condition.  There are a few minor pits in the forcing cone of the chamber.  The witness marks on the right side of the barrel and receiver are in perfect alignment. 

The rear sight is the M1868 rifle with the deep V notch.  The leaf is marked 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The stock has the inspector’s cartouche of ESA (Erskine S. Allin) in an oval on the left stock flat and the firing proof script BL in a box rear of the trigger plate.  The butt plate is marked US forward of the top screw.  The rod stop is marked PAT / AUG.16 / 1870.  The nose cap and its screw threads are damaged and have been Loctited.  There are a few minor dents and scratches to the stock but no cracks.  A small chip of wood was loose above the rear lock plate screw ferrule at the “ski slope” and has been repaired.  Two tiny slivers of wood are missing, one to the left side of the tang and another just rear of the front band on the left edge of the rod channel.

Published data                                                                         This rifle

Overall length                                     48.8” to 49.0”             49.0”

Barrel length                                       29.6”                           29 11/16”

Stock length                                        45 3/4”                        45 3/4”

Butt plate width maximum                 1 1/2”                          1.486”

Trigger bow width maximum             0.88”                           0.865”

Muzzle diameter                                 0.746”                         0.735”

Front sight from muzzle                      1 1/4”                          1 1/4”

Front sight length                                5/16”                           0.343”

Band spacing                                       15 5/8                          15 5/8”

Stock step spacing                               16 1/8”                        16 1/8”
Rod length                                          32 9/16”                      32 9/16”

Head space           Go = .070”   No Go = .075”                      .075”


Various markings

X                                                         Above the barrel / receiver witness marks                 

Y                                                         Below the barrel / receiver witness marks

D                                                         Top of barrel at receiver

? U or N                                              Under rear sight on barrel

U                                                         Right side of both barrel bands

A                                                         Rear of tang inlet of stock

A                                                         Bottom rear of tang

8                                                          Bottom of receiver 1 13/16” from rear

O                                                         Right rear of receiver aft of latch notch

S                                                          Right rear of receiver forward of the latch notch

K                                                         Right rear of receiver 1 7/8” from rear

2                                                          Lower rear of the breech screw

? OX                                                   Bottom rear of the breech block

S                                                          Firing pin in retainer screw cut

19                                                        Base end of main spring

H                                                         Sear spring

T                                                          Sear

S ? arrow head                                    Bridle

4                                                          Stirrup

E                                                          Back of hammer

U, Y, R, V, B, X, ?                              Back of lock plate