Springfield Armory Model 1888 Cadet Rifle Serial Number 534505

Springfield Armory Model 1888 Cadet Rifle Serial Number 534505

Brand: Springfield Armory
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Springfield Armory Model 1888 Cadet Rifle

Serial Number 534505


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This cadet rifle was made between January and March of 1892.  There was a total of 13,500 M84 cadets made, 2,320 made in 1892 and the last 5,000 were made in 1893.

The breech block has the low arch.  It is marked U.S. / MODEL / 1884.  It does have an aluminum bronze firing pin. 

This rifle has a one piece trigger guard that was adapted in 1888 at approximately serial number 495000 when the supply of two piece carbine style guards was depleted.  The trigger and sling swivel are riveted on.

The barrels bore is in excellent condition with some minor frosting for the first few inches from the muzzle as well as minor rod wear to the crown.  The chamber mouths cartridge rim rebate shows some deformation in the 7 o:clock area.  It has been smoothed out and does not interfere with the cartridge.  Headspace is good with about .002” excess on a No Go gauge.

The stock does not have an inspector’s cartouche or firing proof and it appears that it never had them so it is probably a replacement.  It has the long wrist and short comb.  The stock has inletting for trigger bow nuts but they are not necessary because of the M1888 one piece guard.  There is a 5/16” tall number 7 on the heal forward of the butt plate and is filled with a yellow or gold paint.  There is a 3/8” tall branded U.R. on the belly forward of the trigger guard.  After asking a few questions on the internet I received a few unreliable answers.  One possible answer was when Republic Studios bought United Studios in Southern California a lot of their property was marked U.R.  This has not been verified.  Other suggestions are not noteworthy.

Published data                                                                        This rifle

Overall length                         49”                                          49”

Stock length                            45 3/4”                                    45 3/4”

Barrel length                           29.6”                                       29 21/32”       

Front sight length                    5/16”                                       11/32”

Front sight from muzzle          1 1/4”                                      1 1/4”

Rod length                              32 9/16”                                  32 9/16
Rod cannelure’s                      3 1/8”                                      3 1/8”

Eagle shield height                 0.190”                                     0.190”

Eagle height                            0.440”                                     0.440”

Eagle wingtip to wingtip        0.675”                                     0.675”

Breech block lettering             0.07”                                       0.07”

SPRINGFIELD                      1.0” x 0.110”                           1.0” x 0.110”

Head space      Go = .070”   No Go = .075”                           .077”

Other markings

PAT / AUG. 16 / 1870            Rod stop

A                                             Top of barrel at receiver

V, P, eagle head, P                  Top left of barrel

D                                             Above barrel receiver reference marks

L                                              Stock rear of trigger plate

D                                             Main spring base end

Y                                             Sear

H                                             Sear spring

6 or 9                                       Tumbler

M                                             Breech screw

L, 6 or 9                                  Bottom of receiver

~, P, 4 dots                              Bottom of barrel