Springfield Armory Sharps Model 1870 Trial Rifle Type II Serial Number 164

Springfield Armory Sharps Model 1870 Trial Rifle Type II Serial Number 164

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Springfield Armory Sharps Model 1870 Trial Rifle Type II

Serial Number 164

.50 / 70 Government

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Springfield Armory produced 700 rifles and 300 carbines in 1871 for trial purposes as a possible replacement for the Springfield Allin (trapdoor) that had been in use since 1865.  The Remington and Ward Burton were also contenders.  These rifles and carbines were made up using all Springfield manufactured parts except for the actions that were from salvaged percussion Sharps New Model 1863's.  They are referred to as the type I.  The Type II consisted of 300 rifles made with new lightened and simplified actions and were serial numbered 001 – 300.  These type II rifles were made specifically for the center fire .50-70 service cartridge and not conversions as the type I’s were. 

The differences of the 300 type II rifles from the 700 type I’s:

Lawrence primer feed was eliminated.

Actions were slimmer and less complicated.

Breech block was shortened.

Hammers were lowered and lightened.

Lock plates were thinned.

Firing pins were lighter and smaller to help eliminate broken pins.

Half cock notches were moved so the hammer height above the firing pin was reduced. 

The serial number of 164 is marked in three places on this rifle.  The left rear of the barrel, the upper tang and the locks recess in the receiver.

The receivers, breech blocks, locks, hammers, trigger plates, levers and lever catches were color case hardened.  The barrels, barrel bands, butt plates, sling swivels and ramrods were left National Armory Bright.  The rear sights were blued.  This rifle retains 80% to 90% original finishes on exposed areas.  Hidden surfaces still have 100% original finishes.

The barrel bushing / receiver alignment or reference marks are in perfect alignment.  There is significant pitting in the bore for the first 6 to 7 inches from the muzzle.  A few other smaller areas are mid length and at about 11 o’clock if viewed from the breech.  There is slight ram rod swell battering to the muzzle.

These trial rifles used the Model 1868 ram rods that had the single swell at the rod stop.  The rod stop is marked PAT / AUG. 16 / 1870.

The left side of the receiver is marked   C. SHARPS' PAT. / SEPT. 12th 1848.

The butt stocks left wrist is marked with ESA (Erskin S. Allin) in an oval.  There is no visible firing proof rear of the trigger plate.  The rear sling swivel is a proper surplus Springfield Spencer and mortised into the butt stock forward of the toe.  The nose cap and screw have stripped threads.  They were installed with Loctite for a secure fit.

The rear sight is a Model 1870 and is marked 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 on the leaf.  It is a replacement made up with proper parts.  When the rifle was received it had a Model 68 leaf.

Other markings:

U          right side of both barrel bands

US       top of butt plate

A          bottom left of the receiver

L c       right side of the breach block

c          top right of firing pin

c          head of the lever pin

A          back of the lever pin head

S          left side of lever

19        lower right of extractor

1t         right side of trigger

w         right side of the lever latch

E          lower back of butt plate


Published specifications                                                          This Rifle

Overall length                 52"                                                   52”

Barrel length                   35 1/16"                                           34 31/32”

Buttstock length              15 1/2" along bottom edge             15 7/16”

Forend length                  31 1/16" including nose cap           31 1/16”

Band shoulders               19 1/8" apart                                   19 1/8”

Barrel breech diameter   1.092"                                              1.100”, bushing 1.241”

Muzzle diameter             .775"                                                .775”

Ramrod length                32 3/8"                                             31 7/8”

Rifling                             3 groove, RH 1 in 42" twist            3 groove, RH 1 in 42" twist

Weight                                                                                    10 lbs. 1 oz.