Springfield Armory Model 1873 Carbine Serial Number 32385

Springfield Armory Model 1873 Carbine Serial Number 32385

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Springfield Armory Model 1873 Carbine

Serial Number 32385

.45 / 55 / 405

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This carbine was made in the fourth quarter of 1874.  It may not be in original as built condition and is explained below.

The receiver is the early narrow version and was used up until about serial number 77,000 to 78,000.  The reference marks on the receiver and barrel are in perfect alignment and do appear to be original.

The high arch breech block is marked with MODEL / 1873 / Eagle head / crossed arrows / US.  These blocks were used up to about 35,000 or November 1874.  The cam latch is a first type and pre-dates 1876.  In April of 1876 and order was placed that all firing pins were to be replaced with the second type with a body diameter of 0.232" and the striking surface was increased to 0.240".  This pin is a second type.  The firing pin spring has been replaced.

The extractor is the early type with the short lug and was used up until about 77,000 or 78,000.

There are no markings on the left rear of the barrel.  There were no markings until about serial numbers 42,000 to 43,000.  The tenon has square edges and was used up until 92,000 or 93,000.  There is light pitting and frost in scattered areas of the bore.  The crown shows moderate rod wear.

The lock plate is marked with the eagle motif and U.S. / SPRINGFIELD / 1873.  These were used up to 80,000.  The tumbler has 3 notches and was used on carbines after serial number 28,000.

The stock has the long wrist, short comb and is cut for butt storage.  The stock is not original to the carbine and was made sometime between serial numbers 70,000 and 76,000.  The long wrist, short comb stocks were changed to short wrist long comb at about serial number 70,000 to 72,000.  The cuts for butt storage date after about serial number 75,000 or 76,000.  The three storage holes have been plugged with dowels.  The butt plate is marked US and does not have a storage trap.  The left wrist is marked with the ESA (Erskin S. Allen) cartouche.  A final firing proof (circled P) is marked rear of the trigger plate.  The stock inspectors mark of R.D.R. (R.D. Roper) is between the firing proof and the trigger guard plate.  The stock is in very good condition with few nicks and dings.  There is moderate sling hook wear across the cartouche.  There are no cracks or missing wood and it does appear to have the original finish.  Barrel bands with stacking swivels were used on carbines from serial number 20,000 to 119,000.  The stacking swivel of this carbine is marked PAT. M / 31 74.

This stocks configuration with a long wrist, short comb and butt inletting has been discussed with several trapdoor experts and a consensus as to its originality has not been reached.  The work on the stocks details is Springfield Armory quality and does not show any signs of attempted fraud or disseat.  Al Frasca’s book “The .45-70 Springfield” on page 68 states there have been long wrist stocks observed with butt storage.

The M73 rear sight was used up to about serial number 78,000 to 80,000.  The right side of the base is marked with 1 to 5.  The leaf is marked up to 12.  The base is mounted with slotless screws. 

The front sight blade is correct for the serial number and was used up to serial number 119,000. 

Published data:                                                                       This carbine

Overall length                         41.3”                                       41/3/8"

Barrel length                           22.0”                                       22.0"

Barrel diameter at breech        1.045”                                     1.045"
Barrel diameter at muzzle       .730”                                       .730"   

Sight stud from muzzle           .815”                                       .727"                           

Front blade height                   .673” above C/L                      .670"   

Front blade above barrel         .265”                                       .300"               

Stock length                            29.80”                                     29 15/16"

Comb length                           9.25”                                       9.25"                           

Firing pin tunnel rim               .090”                                       .090"               

Tunnel rim to base                  .515”                                       .515"                           

Top of receiver to barrel         .130”                                       .135"                           

Receiver width at hinge          1.076”                                     1.067"

Breech block width                1.075"                                      1.085"

Breech block lettering height  .050"                                        .070"   

Extractor lug height                .050”                                       .090"               

Hinge pin length                     1.175”                                     1.140"             

Barrel band U height              .080”                                       .080"                           

Sear nose                                 .030”                                       .030"                           

Sling bar                                  3.0” x .194” diameter              3.0" x .194"

Sling ring                                .165” in diameter                    .165"

Hammer knurl                         6, 7 or 8 diamonds on C/L      8

Weight                                    7.90 lb.                                    x lbs. x ozs.

Head space      Go = .070”   No Go = .075”                           .077”


Various markings

L          receiver right rear

star      receiver bottom                      

P          barrel bottom rear

C         butt plate back

T          breech block bottom rear

5          trigger guard plate

F          trigger

1, U     lock plate

3          bridle

J           tumbler

V         sear

23        base end of main spring, 0 on hook end